We Make It Easy.

Immediately (if not already done)

  • Complete the Induction Survey and Film Authorization
  • Identify the key features of your business (see SET FOR SUCCESS for ideas)

Leading up to filming (at your discretion):

  • Prep interviewees with script sample
  • Prep areas for filming 
  • Provide any additional address/location details

Day(s) of Filming:

  • Make sure we have access/entry 
  • Inform employees of our presence and purpose.
  • Make sure our crew is aware of hazard areas, any animal behavioral issues, and areas you do not want seen on film.
  • Be yourself on camera!

Post Filming:

  • Relax while the editing of your feature is completed – be on standby for any technical questions/concerns. 
  • Review draft of feature and promptly submit any remarks for editorial consideration.
  • Embedding of feature in social media outlets (if applicable).
  • Meet My Neighbor reviews and referral considerations appreciated! WE’LL SEND A REVIEW REQUEST FOLLOWING FEATURE COMPLETION.
Complete The Sign Up
Prepare For Filming
Be Ready
What To Expect

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