We want to your message to be heard! Here are some tips from our producers to help you brainstorm on ways to present your farm:

Key Features:

Think about how to present your uniqueness.

What Makes your company what it is?
Any industry specific points?
Slogan or motto or theme?

Location! Location! Location!

What area(s) are most important to you? Any detail you can mention in this regard will help us capture the very best of what you are doing.

Are the areas….
Lighting – Shady/Sunny? Windy/Muddy? Dim/Bright?
Time of year – weather and events in your area are always a factor.
Off Limits – are there any areas that should remain OFF camera?


Who will be interviewed in the feature? This should include any key roles within your business, as well as those with experience and enthusiasm. That doesn’t mean all rolled into one! Multiple interviewees will help you here.


How do you want to be presented? Does it reflect your industry or the message you wish to convey?


Sights, Sounds, & Smells are all important and we try to capture every element of what you do! Just like the jolt of a gun signals the start of a race or the trickle of a coffee pot can bring the start of mornings to mind, there are nuances that are unique to you and what you do. Do you recognize any particular ‘extra’ things you know identifies with what you do?

Avoid The “Politics”

Meet My Neighbor Productions covers farms from many different areas, beliefs, ideologies, etc. We want to bring a diverse message that supports a common thread- good stewardship, sustainable food systems, and humane husbandry. Think about how you may present yourself, and your farm, in away that does not deter or isolate any particular group of viewership from your message. What you have to say is important and we want everyone to be accepting of it!!

Complete The Sign Up
Prepare For Filming
Be Ready
What To Expect

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